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Lent, Holy Week & Easter Services

Posted: February 18, 2021

During this 40-day season leading up to Easter, our thoughts are turned to our Savior's passion, His suffering and death for us on Calvary's cross.  We remember our sin; we look to our Savior. We practice extra devotion; sometimes we even practice self-denial.

To help explain Lent and our observance of it better, attached is an article entitled "Keeping a Holy Lent"  Below is a quick excerpt from its introduction:

Each year on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, the liturgy of the Church calls us to begin "a holy season of prayerful and penitential reflection," when "our attention is especially directed to the holy sufferings and death of our Lord Jesus Christ."

The words in the Ash Wednesday rite of the Lutheran Service Book Agenda also reminds us that "from ancient times the season of Lent has been kept as a time of special devotion, self-denial, and humble repentance born of a faithful heart that dwells confidently on His Word and draws from it life and hope."

Each of the seasons of the church year is observed and celebrated, but Lent, and only Lent, is "kept." The holy season of Lent invites us to be "keepers" - the people of God who keep the fast, keep the silence, and keep the focus throughout this singular season. 

May we each be "keepers" of the season by attending each of our 6:30 PM special midweek services!