Childcare Executive Staff

Ruth Hawk

Child Care Director

Ms. Ruth first came to Zion in 2009 and became a part of the child care team in 2013. Ms. Ruth has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Maranatha Baptist University. She took on the role of Childcare Director in 2015. All four of Ms. Ruth’s children, Elaine, Aaron, Jonny and Annie, have been a part of Zion Lutheran School. The best part of Ms. Ruth’s day is seeing the smiles on the faces of the kids (and the hugs that come with them). Her desire is to be an example of Christ’s love and to serve others wholeheartedly.


Julie Wiedel

Child Care Assistant Director

Ms. Julie came to Zion Lutheran Child Care in August of 2013 with all her childcare credentials and over 10 years of childcare experience. She began as our Lead Infant Teacher and quickly transitioned into an administrative role. In Ms. Julie’s free time, she enjoys playing soccer and volleyball and also watching her children play sports. Ms. Julie’s husband, Bill, is a teacher at Lake Country Lutheran High School and their three children, JJ, Tyler and Carly, all attend Zion Lutheran School.

Infant Program

Cheryl Lewis

Infant A Lead Teacher


Amy Stickney

Infant B Lead Teacher


Kim Brofsky

Infant A Teacher


Kristine Elliott

Infant B Teacher


Liv Banks

Infant Assistant Teacher

Toddler Program

Rebecca Trinastic

Toddler 1 Lead Teacher


Anna Hagner

Toddler 2 Teacher


Kari Hudzinski

Toddler Teacher


Maeghan DeRango

Toddler Assistant Teacher


Liz Nolde

Toddler Assistant Teacher


Two Year Old Program

April Simmerman

Two-A Lead Teacher


Karen Ausprung

Two-B Lead Teacher


Sue Dittmar

Two-A Assistant Teacher


Abby Hubbell

Twos Assistant Teacher


Jaylene Hamilton

Twos Assistant Teacher


Kristin Seymour

Twos Assistant Teacher


Jonny Hawk

Twos Assistant


Three Year Old Program

Kayla Pintar

Threes Lead Teacher

Jordan Young

Threes Assistant Teacher


3K Program

Julia Atkinson

3K Lead Teacher


Debbie Wolfe

3K Co-Teacher


Grace Hand

3K Assistant Teacher


Extended Care Program

Sue Dittmar

AM - Extended Care


Jonathan Lucero

4K/5K Extended Care


Jenna Dalzin

4K/5K Extended Care

Livie Westfahl

 4K/5K Extended Care


Aaron Hawk

4K/5K Extended Care


Austin Eklund

 4K/5K Extended Care


Alyse Cederholm

 Extended Care

Float Staff

Heidi Koppelmann



McKenzie Tyriver

Savannah Bishop



Emma Faulstich



Kelli Schneider