Mission Statement—

     "Develop and Dispatch Disciples for Christ"

Zion Lutheran School exists to lead children and their families to Christ and to aid parents in providing a Christ-centered education for their children by training and nurturing them spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally, thereby instilling Christian values to serve God and others.

Vision Statement

As disciples of Christ, our vision is to create a secure and disciplined Christian environment through a qualified and dedicated staff. With the prayers and support of the congregation and parents this will be achieved. Within this context we will provide a curriculum emphasizing academic excellence and preparation for the challenges of high school and beyond.


  • That the Holy Bible is God’s infallible Word. As Lutheran Christians, we base all our teachings on it.
  • That instruction in the Christian faith is commanded by God to all Christian believers. These believers, compelled by the love of Christ, will joyfully follow God’s will.
  • That Christian education is encouraging growth in the Christian faith; and that by the power of the Spirit through the Word and Sacraments, students become equipped for a life of discipleship.
  • That through Christian education students learn to live their proper relationship to God and their fellow men in the light of both Law and Gospel.


That Zion Lutheran School, through a quality and experiential learning program, approaches these needs by providing:

  • preparation for children for Eternal Life in heaven.
  • an experience in a totally Christ-centered program.
  • an opportunity to develop Christian attitudes and character through hearing and studying God’s Word on a daily basis.
  • a setting for growth and learning under the guidance and direction of trained, professional Christian teachers.
  • an opportunity for pupils to experience Christian fellowship in the Body of Christ.
  • an opportunity to assist parents in their God-given responsibility of Christian education, and training of their children.
  • a comprehensive curriculum in a setting of God’s Word.
  • adequate time for Christian instruction and training.
  • an education which attempts to satisfy the educational needs of a child in one school setting.
  • training and preparation for children to share their faith with others.
  • a mission outreach into the community and world.