Childcare Executive Staff

Ruth Hawk

Child Care Director

Julie Wiedel

Child Care Administrative Assistant

Infant Program

Cheryl Lewis

Infant Lead Teacher

Miss Cheryl has been working full-time at Zion Lutheran Child Care Center since August of 2006. Cheryl loves working with the infants because they are "like little sponges” learning new skills every day. Cheryl attended MATC where she received certifications in Computer Programming and Early Childhood Education. Cheryl and her husband Al have two children, Rachel and Kyle. Both Kyle and Rachel are graduates of Zion Lutheran Grade School and attended Lutheran High Schools. Psalm 23 is Miss Cheryl’s favorite Bible verse.

Julie Wiedel

Infant B Lead Teacher

Miss Julie has been working full-time at Zion Lutheran Child Care Center since September of 2013. Miss Julie comes to us fully certified with over 11 year of early childhood experience. She has completed both the Early Childhood I and II course along with certifications in Infants and Toddlers, SIDs, and CPR. Miss Julie and her husband Bill have three children of their own; two boys and one girl. Their youngest is currently attending Zion Lutheran Schools's 4K Program.

Toddler Program

Two Year Old Program

Miss Brianna Dittmer

2a Lead Teacher

Miss Bri as the children at Zion know her has been a part of our team since 2013. She has certifications in the Introduction to the Child Care Profession and Skills and Strategies for the Child Care Teacher as well as CPR and First Aid. Miss Bri enjoys drawing and painting, sailing and many other outdoor activities. Working in the 2 year old room is where Miss Bri is happiest. She loves the silly and sweet personalities of her students and finds joy in watching them become more and more independent.

Mission - To ensure each child in her classroom is learning and having fun in the process. To encourage every child to reach their potential and express themselves individually.

Miss Karen Ausprung

2b Lead teacher

Miss Miranda Kuchta

2a Lead Teacher

Miss Miranda has been a part of Zion's team since 2014. She has certifications in Shaken Baby Syndrome and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as well as being CPR certified. Miranda enjoys readying, spending time with family, and archery. Ultimately Miss Miranda would like to complete her degree in Early Childhood Education and become a Child Care Director.

Mission - To create a nurturing environment where each child is safe to learn and grow at their own pace. To allow their individual personalities to flourish and grow every day. So when a child moves on to the next room they may do so with confidence

Miss Sarah jackson

2b Lead teacher

Three Year Old Program

Julia Atkinson

3 Year Old Kindergarten(3K)

Miss Julia teaches because she loves to see a child’s face light up with wonder and understanding. Miss Julia is a veteran of the United States Army and is currently serving as a Chaplain, she also teaches CCD at her home parish. Miss Julia has attended MATC and completed certifications in Early Childhood Education. She and her husband Calvin have two daughters, Bonnie (24) and Isabel (13). Miss Julia’s favorite Bible verse is Mathew 18:3, "And said, "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”.

Extended Care Program